One photo a day until I meet Jonathan Harris

11th June

"The better part of valour is discretion, in the which better part I have saved my life."* 

I could have posted a pretty picture of a cow eating grass in the mountains but it would have said nothing about my own foolishness. 

I wanted a taste of the glory that comes from overcoming one of nature's obstacles, but in the process I turned a magical day into a nightmare. 

Strangely though, even as I returned home physically and mentally defeated, I knew if I had taken any other course of action I would have felt somehow dissatisfied. 

Should one always turn back within the limits of comfort, or is it good to sometimes stretch into less hospitable realms? 

For my own sake, I hope in the future I can learn to better discern exactly how far it is from ease and safety that I'm straying.

*Falstaff justifying the counterfeiting of his own death in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I