One photo a day until I meet Jonathan Harris

3rd June

Of course after what I wrote yesterday, images of Che haunted me all day long.

After I took this photo I decided to explain to Laurence (the bouquiniste who's store it was) why I felt it necessary to defy Che's blatant request.

She was happy that I took the time to justify my disobedience and told me I could keep the photo. In my haste not to overstay my welcome, I almost forgot to ask her the most important question. Running back to where she was basking in the timid parisian sun, I asked her from between the two, which one she preferred.

"I'm for Gandhi without a doubt," she replied firmly, and then added with a sigh "but my husband is crazy for Che Guevara".

While Mr. Guevara continued to reprimand me with menacing looks from every postcard stand and bookshop, Bapu G was nowhere to be seen.

I guess he had better things to be doing.