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7th June

Debate has been raging between Ben, Sarah and I about whether Steve Jobs' latest baby is a step in the right direction for humanity.

Arguments against it tend to revolve around valid questions like "do we really need another electronic gadget?" and "wouldn't we be better off just living simpler lives?". Also worrying are the reports of suicides and horrible working conditions at the Foxconn factory.

While I would agree that those as privileged as myself could certainly do with less of the things we imagine we need, I have a tendancy to defend the iPad. I think an affordable device capable of running Google Earth is perhaps even more justifiable than cheap accessible books.

What's more, the iPad supports blogging, in my opinion an essential ingredient in any evolution of democracy.

If Nike agreed to give every one of their sweatshop workers a pair of the sneakers they were making, it might not change the world. If however Steve Jobs agreed to give every Foxconn assembly line worker an iPad (and an unfettered internet connection), just imagine what might happen.