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(after Bill Drummond)

Say Goodbye to Iceland
Dedicated to everyone who helped and supported me during this endeavour.

Somewhere in Iceland, early in the morning and when the sun is shining, find a hillside with distant rocks.

Start climbing the hillside with the goal of touching one of the rocks.

Decide it would be good to build a stone circle near the distant rocks and bury something treasured in the middle of that circle. Turn back and find something treasured.

Start climbing again and realise about halfway up that it would be better to take your shoes off as the undergrowth is soft.

Continue climbing in bare feet. Be careful of hidden rocks!

Touch the rocks that were once distant. Take some photos. Look at the view. Take some photos. Build a stone circle somewhere appropriate. Take photos. Bury the treasured object in the middle of the circle being careful not to disturb what's there too much. Take some photos.

Say goodbye.

Write down what you actually did (it may differ significantly from the above).

Look out at the view and reflect an instant longer.

Go home. On the way down, have faith that you'll remember where you left your shoes.